Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pure relationship - FRIENDSHIP

To love without CONDITION
to talk without INTENTION
To give without REASON
to care without EXPECTATION
Is the art of true relation
called FRIENDSHIP...

I am not Rich, but have a rich Heart,
I am not Best, but always Try my best,
I may not be Right, but I'm Sure,
I wasn't Wrong in choosing u as my FRIEND... 

Good friends care for each other...
Close friends understand each other,
& true friends stay forever...
beyond words
beyond time
Me & My cute ex-roomate

we are not of same blood
we are born in different places 
we have different taste & lifestyles
But still our heart are connected
with a single feeling called Friend

Friend is not about finding right person ,
but creating right relationship,
It's not how much we care in beginning
BUT how much we care till END...!!!