Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crazy with koreans!!!

Back To Memory
Who have never heard the Koreans song or watch the Korean drama??? I am being addicted to this Koreans entertainment since I was in Form 1. My best friend who introduced this entertainment to me because she was one of big fan. So, until now I never missed to know about the latest of new song or Korean drama.

I felt in love with Koreans drama when the first time watching it was winter sonata. Why??? Because the story was very interesting and the actors for the hero and heroin are very compatible.

Don’t believe me??? Try yourself.

Friday, October 28, 2011

StoRy abOut mE & My fAmilY

Khoo Nyuo Ling is my full name, come from Sandakan, Sabah. If you want called me with myshort name only, yes you can.

Because i known that my name it's very tough to remember so just call me, Ah Ling….Ok!!! Hehehe….. In personel, I' m notvery clever or have a good result but now study in UUM, Kedah also live in UUM hostel. <hahaha> 
Did you curious about my name???   I also don't know who i am really.....until now I'm still looking for my real self..

But I will story a little about me in order to more familiar with me. My name already know right…actually I born from mixed families, my father is Chinese people and my mother malay people. I can tell that my family is the best things I have and I really love my family.
But in reality my family had a painful story on past previously. My paternal grandmother did not approve of this marriage at first but my father insisted to be with my mama, too. (so sad huhuhu….)My grandmother had given up to prevent further this relationship so he accepted the decision made ​​by my father, but with one condition. ( my father won the bet….father you the best!!! ) My father was the son of the fourth from the eight siblings. My father also married earlier than their siblings so my grandmother told my father that her did not mind if my father want to change his religion but in future his daughter must be named by the Chinese name.

My father and my mama was agreed so the name of Khoo nyuo Ling been given to their first child.
 [it’s me lol !!!]

Yeah….finally i born in this family after my parents have face many obstacles before they can together.
Now, my family has grown into a big family which consists of nine people, including my parents. I have six siblings consist of two men and four women under me because I is the eldest. How about my family history, interesting right such as the story in a novel, but this is what actually happened in my family. Until just here as I would like to share about my family a unique (correct right???) If wanted to know more about my life now can follow the next entries.

Bye….bye….see next time!!!