Sunday, December 4, 2011

Info About Me

Name : Khoo Nyuo Ling

Matric No : 208604

Course : Bachelor Of Entrepreneurship with Honour

Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today no RAIN...hopefully tomorrow also don't have rain. It's not mean i don't like when it's rain, yes I really like rain but i hope flood never come again like previous time. Because i want back home are faster i can...i miss so much my family.
How they do now??? What happen when i do not there??? that they also miss me like i miss them???
Can someone tell me...
I don't know why today I like different.. maybe i too tired...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

korean fashion - my styles

Saya tidak boleh hidup tanpa fesyen...boleh caya tak??? (hehehe) Saya sentiasa menantikan fesyen dari korea kerana bagi saya sesetengahnya sesuai untuk dipakai oleh orang yang bertudung seperti saya.
Simple tapi Elegant itu yang dapat saya gambarkan untuk fesyen ini.

Pure relationship - FRIENDSHIP

To love without CONDITION
to talk without INTENTION
To give without REASON
to care without EXPECTATION
Is the art of true relation
called FRIENDSHIP...

I am not Rich, but have a rich Heart,
I am not Best, but always Try my best,
I may not be Right, but I'm Sure,
I wasn't Wrong in choosing u as my FRIEND... 

Good friends care for each other...
Close friends understand each other,
& true friends stay forever...
beyond words
beyond time
Me & My cute ex-roomate

we are not of same blood
we are born in different places 
we have different taste & lifestyles
But still our heart are connected
with a single feeling called Friend

Friend is not about finding right person ,
but creating right relationship,
It's not how much we care in beginning
BUT how much we care till END...!!!    

UUM : My Sweet Home

Today, after a long time, I slept for so long.
When I woke up, it's already noon time. Laugh...
like FAMILY picture

Why I so happy in UUM without my family??? 

Did you curious about that???

Because I have many FRIENDS here so I never 
feel alone or sad. 
We always together, it's make us more
openness and caring to each other.
Me @ Arny

saBah Gurlz

Fing me!!!

<happy & enjoy>
Always be 5

my BBF


Saturday, November 26, 2011

SinG tOgetHeR

[Jonghyn] Ireol ttaereul pomyeon na origineun hangabwa nun ape dugodo ojji hal jul molla
[Onew] Eotteohke deul sarangeul sijakhago inneunji saranghaneun saramdeul marhaejwoyo

[Taemin] Onjenga geunyo soneul jaba bol na olkkayo
[Jonghyun] Gameun du nun wie kiss haneun naldo wajulkkayo

[All] Hello Hello
[Key] Nareumdaero yonggil naessoyo
[All] Hello Hello
[Onew] Jamshi yaegi hallaeyo
[All] Hello Hello
[Jonghyun] Naega jom sotuljin mollado
[All] Who knows eojjeom uri
[Taemin] Jal dweljido molla

[Minho] Naega dagasoya haneunji jom do gidaryoya haneunji
[Jonghyun] Modu dareun mareul haneun ge do eoryowo [Onew](Mideul su eopjyo)
[Key] Bogi boda nuni nopayo
[Onew] Ironil nan heunchi anayo nae mal mideojwoyo, yeah~

[Taemin] Amurochi anke gunyol aneul nal olkkayo
[Onew] Saenggakhan daero modu irwojindan mal midoyo
[All] Hello Hello

[Jonghyun] Nareumdaero yonggil naessoyo
[All] Hello Hello
[Key] Jamshi yaegi hallaeyo
[All] Hello Hello
[Taemin] Naega jom sotuljin mollado
[All] Who knows eojjeom uri
[Jonghyun] Oh yeah~

[Jonghyun] Choeumeun anijyo sashil malha jamyon sarangdo ibyoldo haebwatjyo
[Onew] Hajiman eoryowoyo imareul midojwoyo
{Jonghyun] Geudaeneun dallayo~~ Yeah!

[All] Hello Hello
[Minho] Iboneun nareul da geolgeyo
[All] Hello Hello
[Key] Ooh yeah, baby baby baby girl~
[All] Hello Hello
[Jonghyun] Jigeumeun eottolji mollado
[All] Who Knows eojjeom urin

[All] Hello Hello
[Minho](Uh, Hello nae gyoteul maemdon geu shigandeul gesok)
[Key] Oh~~yeah
[All] Hello Hello
[Onew] Jalgae gihweruel jwoyo
[Minho](Geu eotton gippeumgwado bigyo mothae No More geudael ijen pyohyon hal su opgo)
[All] Hello Hello
[Minho](Nae soneul jamneundamyon Never let you go)
[Jonghyun] Jigeumun eottolji mollado
[Minho](Ironge sarangimyon joldae an nochyo)
[All] Who knows uri duri
[Onew] Unmyeongilji molla
[All] Hello Hello~

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

shoppaholic vs workaholic

Film Confessions Of A Shopaholic Trailer

Do you??? Yes ... I can said that i one belongs to this group. but the money I normally to spend each time still small amounts range from RM50 to RM100 + + - plus the needs and requirements. [need to save little because i still as student ... hihihi]

Although I have made a list of items to be purchased later before heading out to city but certainly will buy something not need to... for example SHIRT (there must be in plastic), brooches (totally its 3 ... reluctant to buy one only), and more.

When I  go with my friends to the mall complex I'll definitely be looking shops selling clothes and interior design shops interesting because certainly many collections can I choose later. hehehe

Usually about half an hour I will be in shop, then my friends will gone out earlier than me. Sometimes I will be a shortage of money but also friends willing to help, especially Arny <tq pwen…..sarangee>
My father is workaholic...huhuhu.....he more time to his job than us but i can understand him...why he like this???  he want to give us(family) the best but i don't want he try to hard until become tired....PaPa!!!!! we love you!!!!! 

KpOp BOOM!!!

Kpop song has become popular as a quick virus entered and spread in our country. Whether it's male group or female group - i like to their song and the dance also because all of them have their charm.

BIGBANG ( G-Dragon, T.O.P, Daesung,Taeyang, Seungri )

( Dong Hyun, Hyun Seong,
Jeong Min,
Kwang Min +Young Min
[ twins], 
Min Woo )

( Yong Hwa,
 Jong Hyun, 
Min Hyuk, 
Jung Shin )

Teen Top
( C.A.P, Chunji, 
L.Joe, Niel, 
Ricky, Changju )
( Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, 
Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, 
Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Kibum, 
                  Kyuhyun, Han Geng, Ryeowook )                                                
SHINee( Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin )
( Jaebeom, Junsu, Nichkhun, 
Taecyeon, wooyoung, 
Junho, Chansung ) 


( Jaejoong <Hero>, Changmin <Max>, 
Junsu < Xiah>, Yoo Chun  <Mickey>, 
Yun Ho < U - Know> )
( HyunJoong, Hyunsaeng, Kyujong, 
Jungmin, HyungJoon )


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crazy with koreans!!!

Back To Memory
Who have never heard the Koreans song or watch the Korean drama??? I am being addicted to this Koreans entertainment since I was in Form 1. My best friend who introduced this entertainment to me because she was one of big fan. So, until now I never missed to know about the latest of new song or Korean drama.

I felt in love with Koreans drama when the first time watching it was winter sonata. Why??? Because the story was very interesting and the actors for the hero and heroin are very compatible.

Don’t believe me??? Try yourself.

Friday, October 28, 2011

StoRy abOut mE & My fAmilY

Khoo Nyuo Ling is my full name, come from Sandakan, Sabah. If you want called me with myshort name only, yes you can.

Because i known that my name it's very tough to remember so just call me, Ah Ling….Ok!!! Hehehe….. In personel, I' m notvery clever or have a good result but now study in UUM, Kedah also live in UUM hostel. <hahaha> 
Did you curious about my name???   I also don't know who i am really.....until now I'm still looking for my real self..

But I will story a little about me in order to more familiar with me. My name already know right…actually I born from mixed families, my father is Chinese people and my mother malay people. I can tell that my family is the best things I have and I really love my family.
But in reality my family had a painful story on past previously. My paternal grandmother did not approve of this marriage at first but my father insisted to be with my mama, too. (so sad huhuhu….)My grandmother had given up to prevent further this relationship so he accepted the decision made ​​by my father, but with one condition. ( my father won the bet….father you the best!!! ) My father was the son of the fourth from the eight siblings. My father also married earlier than their siblings so my grandmother told my father that her did not mind if my father want to change his religion but in future his daughter must be named by the Chinese name.

My father and my mama was agreed so the name of Khoo nyuo Ling been given to their first child.
 [it’s me lol !!!]

Yeah….finally i born in this family after my parents have face many obstacles before they can together.
Now, my family has grown into a big family which consists of nine people, including my parents. I have six siblings consist of two men and four women under me because I is the eldest. How about my family history, interesting right such as the story in a novel, but this is what actually happened in my family. Until just here as I would like to share about my family a unique (correct right???) If wanted to know more about my life now can follow the next entries.

Bye….bye….see next time!!!